Bridge Pottery Summer Sale and Fest Potters

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Micki Schloessingk

I am delighted to be able to introduce you to some of the wonderful students I have had working with me here at Bridge Pottery during the last 15 years. I have been hugely supported by them both in the pottery and in looking after this place. Soup making has become a tradition here and even Kashmira, who has found her way here from India is enjoying the task of cooking lunch and is teaching us some of her mothers lovely dishes.

Chris my current assistant, joined us straight from The Brit, our wonderful local pub. Not only is he an excellent chef but I have found that the training he had, has made him an excellent and speedy learner and an invaluable support in all aspects of running the pottery.

It’s great to have Jo and Fleen coming to show and sell their work and I am delighted that Lisa has made the journey from Germany to help us fire and prepare for this show. The involvement and hunger to learn of these students invigorates me and enables me to continue to follow my passion, to make pots !

Fleen Doran

My pots are made to be used and enjoyed in the kitchen and home. I throw and alter pots on the wheel as well as constructing pots from folded slabs of clay. I impress patterns using wooden and clay stamps. Fired to stoneware my pots are durable and intended for daily use.

After graduating from UWIC with a first class honors degree in ceramics I went on to do an apprenticeship with Micki Schloessingk with funding from Adopt a Potter. In 2013 I moved to The Forest of Dean where I have set up my own workshop. With regular trips back to Bridge Pottery on Gower peninsula, Micki and I continue to fire our pots together in the large wood-fired salt kiln.

Life at the moment is particularly full and fun in our forest home, with our beautiful, busy son Cosmos now toddling around, 'helping' Sean and I out with tasks around the home and pottery. A very happy time for me as I enjoy woodland adventures with Cosmo by day and potting in my home workshop by evening.

Chris Jenkins

Chris Jenkins found ceramics towards the end of his first year in university studying Fine Art in UWTSD and graduated in 2018.

Born and raised in Swansea, he is heavily influenced by the Gower. Having worked as sous chef full time for 6 years in a Gower restaurant, Chris believes strongly in the relationship between pots and food. He feels connected to the stoney and marshy environment, that evokes feelings of familiarity and comfort. Chris tries to replicate this sensation in his pots for daily use.

He has spent a year here and is currently still studying and working alongside Micki in North Gower.


Kashmira Shreeram

Kashmira was born and brought up in Pune, India. She qualified as an architect in 2016. She was interested in exploring environmentally friendly ways of building and worked in Auroville, India. She came across some studio potters there, who wood fired their pots. This changed the course of her life. She applied for a pottery throwing course at Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry under the guidance of Aarti Manik, Ray Meeker and Deborah Smith. After the course she spent ten months at Veena Chandran’s studio in Pune.

She is drawn towards the simplicity of traditional stone, brass vessels and terracotta pots of India. She is currently exploring thrown and altered forms and hopes to translate her architectural vocabulary to create functional forms with clay. Searching for an opportunity to learn about salt and wood firing I came across Micki’s pots and was instantly drawn to them. I am enjoying my time here and happy to be part of the Bridge team.


Jo Land

Jo Land was born and brought up in Suffolk. She completing a degree in Ceramics at Falmouth College of Art. After graduating in 1997, she spent a year working with Anita Besson before embarking on a gap year which lasted five.

During this period she visited Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, India and Nepal studying various ceramic techniques along the way. She spent three years undertaking an apprenticeship with Robert Barron in Victoria learning to woodfire on a large scale; firing his 1,000 cu ft noborigama kiln twice a year. After returning to the UK in 2004 she spent 2 years working alongside Micki Schloessingk.

In 2007 Jo moved to Aberystwyth in mid-Wales where she now lives and works.


Lisa Rosemann

While studying Fine Arts in Germany and after years of painting and making sculptures with wood, I got to know a great potter. When I first visited him I found his kitchen and living room full of different pots and ceramics, I was completely drawn to these objects and I had a deep feeling that pottery was what I really wanted to learn and to do: To throw on the wheel and to make pots.

After graduating I travelled for two years through Europe and worked with different potters in their studios, discovering new techniques. This journey brought me to this beautiful pottery in the South of Wales and to lovely Micki Schloessingk.

Inspired by nature and things I collect and am surrounded by, I try to understand form. But its not all about pots, I am also inspired by the human body and making sculptures, finding an expression for my feelings through my hands.