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I really enjoy making cups. Its a pot we all use every day and I notice we become very attached to particular cups. I have a cup I like to drink tea in and a different one for coffee. We need different size cups for different brews. So I have a cappuccino cup, a small espresso cup, a size in-between that I think of as a tea cup and then from time to time I make a very large cup. 

The costs are £20 for an espresso cup, £26 for a tea cup and £30 for cappuccino cups.

Approx. sizes: cappuccino cup w. 8.75cm  x h. 7 cm, tea cups 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm espresso cups w. 6.57 cm x h. 4.75 cm

 If you are interested in ordering some cups, get in touch and we can discuss the size you might want, as well as possible colours and prices.